Building Projects

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At ijf we have a highly experienced team that can provide a complete one-stop-shop for project design, contract administration and construction health and safety (CDM).  The team is multi-disciplined comprising chartered building surveyors, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, town planners, CDM-coordinators and land surveyors.  Our team are passionate about what they do, so let them care for your premises the way you do yourself.

Let ijf prepare a feasibility report to assess the design and cost implications of your proposed project.  With the aid of sketches, photographs, written summary, cost plan, programme, and reference to any necessary statutory approvals, the report will clearly demonstrate the viability of the project, prior to you committing monies and resources to detailed design.  The report may be required for you to justify the project to your Board or senior colleagues, so we will present this in a way that fully satisfies your needs.  Following the RIBA Stages of Work, hopefully ijf will be afforded the opportunity to follow this up with the full detailed design, contract administration and perhaps CDM.

No opportunity will ever be turned down without good reason as our team are highly experienced in every property sector from small domestic commissions, through to large multi-million pound healthcare works and flagship space planning projects.

So if you have a small domestic extension or are considering a huge commercial refurbishment, let ijf's people thrill you with their expertise, dedication and personality.