CDM Consultancy

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ijf's people have been providing CDM Consultation services for many years and continue to do so with the move to The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.


If you are a "client" under the CDM Regulations, you have legal duties whereby you must ensure that suitable arrangements for managing a construction project are in place, whether or not the project is deemed to be notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or not.  The CDM Regulations apply for ALL construction work whether the project is notifiable or not.  ijf's CDM-Consultants will help you comply with the Regulations and ensure you discharge your duties.

The 2015 Regulations also include DOMESTIC CLIENTS, those people having construction work undertaken on their home, or that of a family member.  Your duties are less in this instance and they can be transferred to the contractor or Principal Designer - however you must ensure that arrangements are in place.


If you are a Principal Contractor (where a construction project involves more than one contractor), you have legal duties to fulfill under the Regulations.  You have the responsibility to plan, manage and coordinate the CONSTRUCTION PHASE of a project. ijf's people will help you comply with the Regulations and ensure you discharge your duties through the preparation of suitable Construction Phase Plans, risk assessments, method statements, policies etc.


Principal Designer

The Principal Designer holds a MAJOR ROLE in CDM.  Your duties include planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the PRE-CONSTRUCTION phase of a project.  You will be appointed by the Client in projects involving more than one contractor.  ijf can help you to ensure arrangements are in place and your duties are satisfied.