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ijf's experts deal with all aspects of dilapidations' services ranging from a simple schedule of condition for attachment to a lease, through to complex disputes. We act on behalf of both landlords and tenants.  Each case is unique and we ensure our service and advice reflects this rather than attempting to make the process fit a standard approach.

A brief summary of our expertise includes:

  • Schedule of Condition;

  • Advice to prospective tenants on repairing covenants and mitigation of potential future claims (prior to agreeing terms);

  • Advice to property purchasers on potential dilapidations and service charge issues prior to the purchase of new assets, including strength of covenant and covenant risk (Covenant Review);

  • Provide advice to tenants on how best to comply with the specific terms of their lease during the term (Covenant Compliance);

  • Repairs Notices - Provide advice to landlords and tenants on executing and dealing with a repairs notice;

  • Provide advice to both landlords and tenants on the appropriate administration and application of service charges.